10 Tips to DIY Your Own Floral Arrangement

Nothing brightens up a space like flowers and a trip to the Los Angeles Flower Markets is one of our favorite ways to spend a morning. To celebrate the arrival of spring, we rolled up our sleeves for a team DIY designing our own arrangements. We’re excited to share our 10 favorite tips to help you design your own!

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1. Buying the Blooms – It can be overwhelming when you begin planning an arrangement. Choosing one or two colors to focus on is a great way to narrow down the options. Try selecting either a “warm” (reds/orange/yellow) palette or a “cool” (blue/green/purple) palette and anchor your design with 2-3 prominent blooms such as dahlias, peonies or protea.

2. Don’t Forget the Foliage- You may not have noticed but most arrangements are not just flowers, but also foliage. Add vines, leafy greens, berries, vines, and even fern cuttings to design around your focal florals. Foliage adds character, texture, and shape without distracting from your floral focal points.

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3. Stripping- Many people make the mistakes of putting flowers right in the vase without any maintenance. You need to strip your flowers or they will not last as long! Stripping is the process of removing any leaves on the stems of your florals that will be submerged in your water to prevent mold. You can leave some leaves at the base of your floral to add volume, or you can remove all.

4. Add Intrigue- Contrast is essential to creating an interesting arrangement. Make sure to cut your flowers and foliage at different heights to add dimension to the arrangement and think about playing with different shapes, such as the spiky look of a dahlia with a soft anemone. Seek beauty in the juxtaposition.

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5. Don’t Rush It- Take your time while putting your arrangement together, this is the fun part! If you’re not achieving the look you want, just start again. Put on some music and let nature’s blooms guide you.

6. Think Outside the Vase- You can use just about any container for florals so feel free to design your arrangement for a favorite mug, old pasta sauce jar or the pretty container of a used up candle. Just make sure the container is waterproof and thoroughly cleaned.

7. Water- The key ingredient for good floral maintenance is water. Make sure your florals are supplied with plenty of water, and that starts right when you get home. Cut the stems immediately and put them in water until you’re ready to arrange. Then trim again before adding to your vessel. It’s best to cut on a diagonal, which exposes more of the stem to water. After you arrange your blooms, make sure to give them as much water as the container will allow so they can drink up after being transferred numerous times.

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8. Fine-Tune Blossoms- While natural beauty is more appealing than anything, not every bloom is perfect. This is where pruning comes in. If there are any buds that distract from the overall arrangement, don’t be afraid to remove them. Eliminate petals that are broken or browning and trim any leaves competing for water.

9. Keep ‘Em Cool-| Always place finished arrangements in a cool space. Check the water frequently– you would be surprised how much flowers can drink!

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10. Upgrade your Tools- You can absolutely make a beautiful arrangement with just a vase and a pair of scissors but if you’re going to be working with florals regularly we recommend a few purchases to make the process easier:

  • Pruning Shears- to strip florals with thorns and cut thicker stems
  • Floral Wire & Floral Tape- to help secure any florals. You can use wire to help wrap and arrange smaller stems as well as create structured pieces, like boutonnieres. Floral tape is self-sealing tape and can be used to wrap stems or create bouquets.
  • Clear Floral Tape– to make a grid for spaced out arrangements
  • Oasis Floral Foam– if you’re creating arrangements for an event, this floral foam is your friend! Just dunk in water and it will absorb. Stick fresh florals in and the foam will keep them hydrated and in place throughout any event. It also comes in a variety of sizes allowing you to create floral wreaths, hearts, and 3D shapes.

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SPPR Retreat: Six Years and Ojai Vibes

The Soda Pop PR retreat is a summer highlight and this year’s festivities might be our favorite yet! To celebrate six years, our team spent a few days soaking in the laidback & creative energy of Ojai. The uber cool airstream hotel Caravan Outpost served as the perfect backdrop to help us unwind and open up.


We kicked off an inspiring discussion on connection, growth and getting out of our comfort zones with this fantastic Ted Talk. Our retreats are a great time to think big as a company but also, to bond on a personal level as we delve into the dreams and challenges that shape each of us individually.



It’s not a Soda Pop PR retreat without some custom Wylie West Creative swag! Our friend Boo put her talents to work on a custom “Troop SPPR” logo for us and gift bag goodies from Shop Summer Camp brought the Ojai vibes home with lavender, sage and rose quartz. We may have been partial to the rose quartz for the pink but its heart-opening abilities paired perfectly with copies of Daring Greatly, a bedside reminder about the strength of vulnerability and importance of staying connected.

If there’s one thing you can say about a Soda Pop PR retreat, we know how to have FUN. We brought in a personal bartender to mix up local orange and lime margaritas for a magic-hour photo shoot. For dinner, our private chef prepared a campfire grilled steak, chicken, salmon fajita bar followed by cast iron peach cobbler.

DaybreakandDuskPhoto 9

As the stars came out at the end of the night, Troop SPPR sat around the fire to connect over music, each of us sharing songs that have shaped us and soundtracked our memories over the years.

Photo 10

Photo 11

At Soda Pop PR we are grateful to work with such smart, creative and kind people both on our team, and on the teams of our wonderful clients. As we reflect back on our year, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our clients, partners, friends and family for their continued support. You inspire us and we are happy to know you.

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Cheers to year six and many more,

Team Soda Pop PR


* Special thanks to photographer Daybreak and Dusk for all of our beautiful retreat photos.



SPPR Fun: Sparkling Wine Tasting

This week we broke out the confetti to turn a sparkling wine tasting into a surprise birthday celebration for the lovely Kelly Johnston. In honor of our favorite gluten-free foodie, we paired three bottles with a local favorite: fonuts. Nothing like a little afternoon bubbly to make the work day fly by!

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6

It was hard to pick an office favorite on this one. The Brut Rosé from Le Grand Courtage was dubbed “dangerously drinkable” and it’s no secret that the SPPR team is partial to pink. The stone fruit flavors of La Perle from Perle De Ma Mere went well with our lemon fonuts and provided a nice contrast to mineral and citrus notes in the clean flavor of Vincent Caille Domaine le Fay d’Homme ‘X Bulles’ which wins for loudest “pop” on opening. One thing is for sure, pairing bubbly with baked goods is definitely the way to our hearts.

Stay tuned for our next office adventure: a trip to the Rain Room at LACMA and follow along with all of our snacking and sipping on Instagram @sodapoppr

SPPR Fun: Pumpkin Beer Tasting

The arrival of fall in Southern California is marked not with sweaters but with a deluge of pumpkin flavored things. This seasonal mania has even made its way into craft beer so this week, the SPPR team broke out the bottle opener for a pumpkin beer tasting. To make things official, we made our own Soda Pop PR tasting score cards and paired five of the most popular pumpkin brews with homemade pumpkin bread and some favorite fall snacks.


(From left to right: Dogfish Head, Almanac Beer Co., Belching Beaver, KBC Pumpkin Ale and Avery Brewing Co.)

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photo 3

Photo 5

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Our verdict: Not all pumpkin beers live up to the name. Avery Brewing Company’s Rumpkin was dubbed sweet and boozy and the Belching Beaver Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout would be even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but neither featured much pumpkin flavor. The Almanac Pumpkin Sour was an office favorite, a pumpkin beer for sour drinkers that could definitely win over wine lovers with its acidic taste. If you’re no stranger to pairing the words “Pumpkin Spice” with “Latte,” the KBC Pumpkin Ale is your pick. You can find this one at Trader Jo’s along with some dangerously addictive Maple Leaf Cookies. Cheers!

Stay tuned for our next office tasting: sparkling wine.

Follow along with all of our snacking and sipping on Instagram @sodapoppr