SPPR’s Favorite Podcasts

At Soda Pop PR, we travel frequently for work and are a part of the daily #LATraffic commute, so podcasts are essential. From Oprah’s uplifting Super Soul Conversations to digging deep into crime with Dirty John, we all have a few favorites to keep us informed and inspired. Keep reading for a list of all the podcasts you need to subscribe to ASAP courtesy of the SPPR girl gang.


Dyan | SPPR Owner + Founder 

My podcast library is a listening mixed bag of business/motivational, wellness, parenting and of course a handful of celebrity/reality TV when I need to zone out (shout out to: Almost Famous & Armchair Expert) My current favorites in weekly rotation are…

The Gary Vee Audio Experience: I’m a big fan of Gary’s style and share the same philosophies on putting culture first and not over complicating marketing. He’s blunt, wickedly smart and passionate which are attributes I look for in a mentor or coach.

The Modern Manager: Mamie finds the most insightful guests and asks really good questions. After listening to a handful of her shows, I reached out and she’s now my business coach. If you’re a manager on any level, add this show to your library!

Goop: I didn’t get on the Goop train until they launched the podcast. What I like most is that because of the brand’s clout, they land the best of the best in wellness, functional medicine, business, etc. Yes, it’s “Goopy” but in the best way.

Super Soul ConversationsIf Oprah has a podcast and you’re not listening, are you really doing this whole podcast thing right? Her series with Eckhart Tolle breaking down his book “A New Earth” is a GAMECHANGER if you’re dealing with childhood trauma or holding onto the past.

Unruffled: Janet’s advice and philosophy on respectful parenting has helped me navigate the wild road of parenthood. Her shows are usually under 20 mins which makes them easy to listen to when balancing work and mom life.

Mom BrainHosts by Hilaria Baldwin & Daphne Oz are fun to listen to and a little all over the place (hence “Mom Brain”) which totally works. They share advice from experts, trusted mom friends and get REAL!

Kelly | Account Director 

Lately I have been really liking the Do It Scared Podcast – Ruth, the host, is so inspiring and asks pointed questions and provides practical, realistic tips for making the most of everyday and improving yourself and your work

The Daily – I am consistently impressed by the quality of storytelling and insights by the New York Times and their ability to explain complex topics so simply – it’s a great way to start the day!

The Food Matters Podcast – Amazing interviews with experts in the health and wellness industry – listening to this podcast is self care!

Camy | Account Executive

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Often times the key to having a good day is starting it off right! I have a 45-50 minute commute to the office and instead of racking my brain with to-do list items on my drive in, I like to practice being present and tune into Oprah’s podcast. Oprah’s interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries and health and wellness experts always leave me feeling inspired and ready to tackle the day with a clear mind and positive outlook. The lessons I take away from this podcast translate not only to work but in my personal life as well.

My Favorite Murder combines two interests of mine: true crime and comedy. While these two genres could be seen as offensive when combined together, the comedy more runs parallel to the murder stories versus being about the actual murders. Hosted by two comedians, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder is a top 10 regular on iTunes’ comedy podcast chart and has an enthusiastic fanbase who attend their sold-out shows worldwide. These two ladies created a platform for themselves doing what they love and use their influence to not only empower women to think more strategically about physical safety but also to shine a light on mental health and ending the stigma associated with it.

Ashley | Senior Account Executive

Bon Appetit Foodcast – It’s a staple among the food-related podcasts and while there are elitist undertones that sometimes give the show a bad rep, I enjoy how @rapoport and the BA staff dive into the minutiae of developing their recipes. The recent episode where @moroccochris dissected his process of creating BA’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie inspired me to elevate my approach to baking. The content of the show toes the line of approachable and progressive, and I always find I learn something new about cooking, the food space, or find a new tastemaker I should follow by way of the guests on the show.

Samantha | Account Coordinator 

Dirty John – For anyone interested in true crime, this is your next podcast! Each episode sucks you in more, with plot twists and an ending that will leave you satisfied. It’s a great podcast to discuss with friends, as everyone will have strong opinions.

Jennie | Administrative Contractor 

The Daily from the New York Times – As a former journalist, contextualized news stories that feature more in-depth reporting are my jam. I want to understand what’s happening in the world, why, why now, and how to fit that information along with a larger (or more granular) picture. This 30-minute or less daily podcast is a great example of in-depth journalism that’s still digestible to the average person.

Sami Davis | Creative Coordinator 

The Modern Creative Podcast is a major favorite of mine. Christine and Dianuh, share every single dirty detail about starting and running a creative business. They dish out some real talk, like their business faux-pas, and also interview other small business owners about unexpected topics – think “art theft + how to differentiate your work.”

I also am a big fan of Girl Boss Radio. Sophia and her team acquire some amazing women guest speakers from a range of industries including, finance, tech, gaming, digital media and more. I love the diversity of stories and feel like I always learn something new when I tune in.