5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Kali Mungovan

This week we’re excited to welcome our new intern Kali Mungovan to the Soda Pop PR team. With experience in government and agency PR, Kali looks forward to continuing to learn and grow in an agency setting. Read on to find out about her surprising experience post-grad and what her not so hidden talent is.


1. As a California native, what did you miss about your home state while going to school in Oregon?

SUN! I didn’t realize how much I took the LA sunshine for granted until I left the Golden State. While I’m a big fan of changing seasons and yes, even the rain, I couldn’t help but miss that Vitamin D. When 55 and partly cloudy becomes the new 75 and sunny, you know you’ve become a true Oregonian.


2. After majoring in Public Relations, what did you find most surprising about your first real world experience in the industry?

I think the most surprising thing for me was grasping just how big the PR industry really is. In school I was taught the basis of traditional PR and while I did have the opportunity to work with clients through my classes, stepping out into the real world was a little overwhelming. The options seemed endless. Although all experience is good experience, I believe it is important to understand your interests and stay true to what you enjoy doing as you work to find your niche.


3. We love talking about food at SPPR! From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast I’d have to get chocolate chip pancakes and home fries with extra ketchup from Studio One Cafe in Eugene, OR. I’d then take it south for a pitaya bowl with extra granola from Swami’s in San Diego. For dinner I’d go back to my hometown of Torrance, CA for Gaetano’s Tagliatelle and Chianti Short Ribs (with a glass of wine of course). And because no good day is complete without dessert, Salt & Straw on NW 23rd in Portland would end my ideal food day (they have locations in LA now but there’s just nothing like the original).


4. If you had unlimited funds and two weeks off, where would you go?

The list is endless but first on my list would have to be Ireland. I fell in love with the country after studying abroad in Galway and have been wanting to go back since the second I got on my plane back to the States. I would spend the two weeks road tripping to each end of the island and visit all of the unique cities and towns that I may have missed my first time there. I would also have to drink my weight in Bulmer’s cider because as much as I try to convince myself otherwise, it just doesn’t taste the same here in America.


5. You were the captain of your dance team in college, do you have any signature moves on the dance floor?

Technique wise, turns are definitely my strong suit but if I were to ever find myself in a dance battle I would have to bring out the worm. It’s one of my better talents and I am proud to admit that I can do it going backwards AND forwards.

(For more from Kali, you can find her on Instagram @kalimungovan)


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