The Secret Sauce: Are you ready for PR?

Business is growing and you’re ready to kick things up a notch but how do you know when it’s time to invest in PR? Here are 8 signs you’re ready to take the plunge.


  1. You’re prepared to expand the team: We encourage our clients to consider Soda Pop PR as an extension of their team. Hiring a PR firm means more people on your side. More people with fresh ideas, valuable experience and a passion for your brand.
  2. You know who you are: A good PR firm will take the time to get to know your brand to help tell your story to media and consumers in an authentic way. Having a clear brand identity and an ability to explain your mission will help us do this.
  3. You’re rebranding, launching a new product or location: It’s important to work with a PR team to create awareness and manage the messaging around big brand news such as a new look, product or launch. Media and influencers like to cover what’s new and it’s a perfect ice breaker to introduce your brand to the masses.
  4. Your inbox is overwhelmed: If emails are piling up with requests for photos, interviews, sponsorships and events, it’s time to bring on a PR firm. We’re experienced at evaluating opportunities and helping you make the most of those that are beneficial toward raising awareness for your brand.
  5. You want to build stronger relationships: Connecting with your community, likeminded brands and media is crucial for creating and maintaining a base of loyal customers. We’ve spent years cultivating these relationships and can help build them on your behalf in a strategic and authentic way.
  6. You have insight to share: If you’ve built a successful business, you have valuable input to contribute to your field. A PR firm helps you find opportunities to share this experience at speaking engagements and conferences to connect with your consumers and other likeminded business owners.
  7. You want to get people talking: Want to host a pop-up or throw the party of the year? We know what will get people talking, tweeting, snapping, and gramming and can help brainstorm, plan and execute a unique event or attention grabbing campaign so you can focus on your business.
  8. You want to invest in the long term: Securing the best coverage for your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Help with a project like a launch or opening is important, but PR works hardest when you’re ready to commit to the long term benefits of sustained media attention.

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