SPPR Fun: Sparkling Wine Tasting

This week we broke out the confetti to turn a sparkling wine tasting into a surprise birthday celebration for the lovely Kelly Johnston. In honor of our favorite gluten-free foodie, we paired three bottles with a local favorite: fonuts. Nothing like a little afternoon bubbly to make the work day fly by!

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6

It was hard to pick an office favorite on this one. The Brut Rosé from Le Grand Courtage was dubbed “dangerously drinkable” and it’s no secret that the SPPR team is partial to pink. The stone fruit flavors of La Perle from Perle De Ma Mere went well with our lemon fonuts and provided a nice contrast to mineral and citrus notes in the clean flavor of Vincent Caille Domaine le Fay d’Homme ‘X Bulles’ which wins for loudest “pop” on opening. One thing is for sure, pairing bubbly with baked goods is definitely the way to our hearts.

Stay tuned for our next office adventure: a trip to the Rain Room at LACMA and follow along with all of our snacking and sipping on Instagram @sodapoppr


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