5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Anne Sage

This week, we’re pleased to welcome the lovely Anne Sage to join our fabulous list of guest “5 Questions with SPPR” contributors. A style maven, blogger and author of the recently released Sage Living: Decorate for the Life you Want, Anne’s been inspiring us since her days as co-founder of Rue Magazine. Read on for a few tips, tricks and #DesignGoals.

Photo 1

All photos c/o Anne Sage

1. We love your new book Sage Living. Can you tell us how this 3 year project came to fruition?

It was a long journey to be sure! It all started when I left Rue Magazine. A friend introduced me to my literary agent, and we spent a year throwing around ideas until we had something that resonated deeply enough for me to spend a year of my life working on it! From there we put together a proposal and shopped it around to different publishers. I was thrilled when Chronicle Books wanted to work with me on this project! From there, I spent nine months scouting and shooting homes, interviewing homeowners and writing their stories, and then working with my editor and designer to refine the copy and layouts. A year after I delivered my manuscript, the book went on sale and the rest was history. Given my short Internet-induced attention span, I’m still amazed it all worked out!

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2. We happen to know from your recent Rue Magazine tour that your own home is gorgeous. In earlier days, did you ever make a big design decision that you ended up regretting?

I definitely don’t have any design decisions that I regret, because they’re all a reflection of where I was at a particular time in my life. But I definitely wouldn’t buy the tufted wingback sofa that I had in my Brooklyn apartment for my house here in LA!

Photo 3

3. What is one way that decorating for the life you want has played out for you personally?

One of my most important values is a healthy relationship with my partner, one in which we both feel heard and respected. We’ve worked hard to make our place feel like a reflection of both of us, and I’m proud to say that we’ve received exactly that feedback from friends who have visited our home!

Photo 4

4. Could you share a couple of your favorite sources for unique props and home goodies?

I love CB2 for cool, modern tabletop props that don’t break the bank. Coco Carpets does gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage Moroccan rugs for a hit of color and comfort. And finally, Brika is a great resource for handmade decor items like ceramics and textiles!

Photo 5

5. What do you do when you need creative inspiration?

The best thing for me when I need creative inspiration is to get outside: a trip to the beach, a walk with the dogs, even a stroll down the high street of my neighborhood. Whether it is people watching or being with nature, it helps me to take my mind off whatever project I’m working on so my subconscious can assemble the missing pieces of the puzzle!

For a daily dose of design inspiration, check out Anne’s blog and follow her on Instagram.


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