SPPR Fun: Pumpkin Beer Tasting

The arrival of fall in Southern California is marked not with sweaters but with a deluge of pumpkin flavored things. This seasonal mania has even made its way into craft beer so this week, the SPPR team broke out the bottle opener for a pumpkin beer tasting. To make things official, we made our own Soda Pop PR tasting score cards and paired five of the most popular pumpkin brews with homemade pumpkin bread and some favorite fall snacks.


(From left to right: Dogfish Head, Almanac Beer Co., Belching Beaver, KBC Pumpkin Ale and Avery Brewing Co.)

photo 2

photo 3

Photo 5

photo 4

Our verdict: Not all pumpkin beers live up to the name. Avery Brewing Company’s Rumpkin was dubbed sweet and boozy and the Belching Beaver Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout would be even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but neither featured much pumpkin flavor. The Almanac Pumpkin Sour was an office favorite, a pumpkin beer for sour drinkers that could definitely win over wine lovers with its acidic taste. If you’re no stranger to pairing the words “Pumpkin Spice” with “Latte,” the KBC Pumpkin Ale is your pick. You can find this one at Trader Jo’s along with some dangerously addictive Maple Leaf Cookies. Cheers!

Stay tuned for our next office tasting: sparkling wine.

Follow along with all of our snacking and sipping on Instagram @sodapoppr


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