Childhood Summer Memories

From the music of an ice cream truck to the smell of sunscreen, there’s something nostalgic about summertime. This week we’re throwing it back to our favorite childhood memories from the time of year that was always the most fun to be a kid.

Dyan child

“As a child, I loved spending the entire day outside with my neighborhood crew. We’re were a tight-knit group and spent what felt like every single second together in the summer. It was a simpler time, before computers/smart phones/Xbox, and we would put on our own street performances and invite the grown-ups to watch. We would charge $25 cents per show and advertise with chalk art. I have such fond memories of lip-syncing to The Pointer Sisters, Whitney Houston, and the Grease soundtrack, dancing to Michael Jackson, and just being silly.”



“The memories I cherish most from my childhood are the summer vacations I took with my family. Every year my parents would plan a big trip and they never failed to be an adventure. We went everywhere from the Western National Parks like Yosemite, Bryce, and Zion in an RV (pictured) to a houseboat in the Florida Keys. Sometimes we had our Griswold vacation moments… but they always ended in laughs and were some of the happiest moments.”



“My favorite summer activity as a kid was spending weekends on the lake in Austin. My family would load up the boat with cold drinks, snacks and floaties and hit the water for the entire day to beat the brutal Texas heat. Whether we were parked in a shady spot to swim or cliff jumping into the water for hours, we had no technology distractions and nowhere else we had to be. When we’d come home each night, we’d have worked up such an appetite that dinner tasted like the best meal of our lives’.”


colleen dunn

“Most of my childhood summer memories revolve around ice cream. Everyone in my family has a bad sweet tooth so it’s always been a fixture on the schedule and the quickest way to get someone out of a bad mood. I have one really vivid memory of the first (and last time) I rode bumper cars when they had to stop the whole ride to take me out because I was crying. I didn’t stop crying until I had an ice cream cone in my hand.”



“Growing up in California, we surprisingly didn’t go to the beach very often, so when we did it was a real treat. I remember going to Alameda, CA on a bright and sunny day to have head shots taken for some modeling I was pursuing. I was about 10 yrs old and remember wanting to just get in the ocean or play around rather than having my picture taken. Although the different outfit changes and fun active shots were really exciting, the highlight of the day was splashing in the waves with my dad, not worrying about how wet our clothes got, how we should have already been home for dinner, or if the pictures actually turned out well!”



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