5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Milk Jar Cookies Owner Courtney Cowan

We’re pretty serious about sweets at SPPR. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest client Milk Jar Cookies! The Wilshire Boulevard shop is known for fresh-out-of-the-oven homemade cookies and locally-sourced milk, ice cream and coffee.

To celebrate our newest excuse to have cookies around the office, we asked Milk Jar Cookies owner Courtney Cowan to share some of her baking secrets and business inspiration.


1. You used to work in television, what inspired you to take the plunge and open Milk Jar Cookies?

I’ve always loved baking, and specifically baking cookies. In my teens, I came up with my own recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies, and as I perfected it over time, it became very popular with friends, family, and eventually co-workers. After several instances of people mistaking them for “bakery” cookies, I realized I might have created something special.

In 2005, I began experimenting with a variety of flavors and started an online business. I loved the fact that, with each of the deliveries I made, someone’s day got a little bit brighter, and the end goal quickly became to go brick & mortar. I wanted a shop where I could host these people and provide a place to enjoy a cookie and a glass of milk. Come 2012, I finally decided I was ready to go all-in and make it happen.


2. Can you share a piece of advice that you are grateful to have received?

My parents always encouraged me to follow my heart and trust my gut. Both of those things have served me well.


3. What are three things you can’t live without?

Coffee, lists, Oscar Biandi dry shampoo (and our dog, Ollie)

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4. Where are you eating in Los Angeles right now?

Stout, Yuko Kitchen, and my favorite go-to: El Coyote


5. What’s your number one tip for perfect cookies?

Make sure your measurements are exact. Every gram counts!

To keep up with Courtney, you can find Milk Jar Cookies on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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