5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Allison Ritter

We recently welcomed Account Manager Allison Ritter to the Soda Pop family. With extensive beauty, food and lifestyle PR experience, Allison is witty and media savvy with a unique talent for making maternity wear look hip and stylish.

Check out our interview with Allison below to learn more about her early career as a child actor and how she balances being a working mom.


1. You’re a mother to an adorable little boy and also have another on the way. How do you balance being a mom, wife and publicist? 

Being a wife and a mom is a hard balance because of the vast difference in what your life was like before kids and respective priorities and what it is like once you have kids. When you add work into the mix, and a job with the high intensity of an industry like ours, things get shaky to say the least. The concept of ‘wearing many hats’ takes on a new meaning, but I have learned to be okay with that. Flexibility is a key word for me. I have learned to be flexible with what I can control and what I can’t. Some days there is a balance, and some days there isn’t, but it’s all a ride and that’s what makes life interesting.

2. What were you like as a child? Rumor has it, you were quite the performer.

I was a very outgoing, dramatic kid, participating in every sport or activity you could imagine. The film industry was and still is a big part of our family culture – trading movie quotes at the dinner table and having a resident spot at the local video store. I loved to act out my favorite scenes and play dress up which led to a short-lived career as a child actor. I was also a great tap dancer and spent a lot of my time at dance competitions and tapping down the isles of the local grocery store while my mom shopped.

3. We love planning events and parties of all sizes here at Soda Pop. Can you share your go-to planning tips and resources?

It is so important to start the process with organization and a clear vision. Once that is in place, maintaining open and honest communication is the next piece of the puzzle.  Logistics can be ironed out, but the creative is the heart of the event so establishing and staying consistent throughout the process is also vital to the event’s success. This is what will make your party stand out and be memorable.

4. What advice do you have for recent college graduates who are looking to break into the competitive (and sometimes grueling) world of public relations?

Explore what PR really means to you and what type of story you want to tell. It’s much harder to define Public Relations these days because of the vast pool of services and types of clients. With this variety, there may be some positions that you haven’t heard of, so do your homework. I am a firm believer that if you don’t like or believe in the work and clients, then you won’t be successful in this industry.

5. You have unlimited funds and two-weeks off, where would you go?

Italy. When I travel I like to visit places and do things that residents of that area do, so I don’t know if there would be much planning but more of a “see what we see” type of adventure. I would love to eat my way through Italy, incorporating some culinary instruction or tours and wine tastings, ending in pure relaxation along the Amalfi Coast. Heaven.


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