5 Reasons You Should Visit Nicaragua

Our very own Carley Rudd recently traveled to Nicaragua and returned home with nothing but rave reviews for a country that is emerging as the new “must see” destination in Central America. Here she shares five of the top reasons you should add Nicaragua to your 2015 travels:

1. Untapped natural beauty

Much of Nicaragua’s land has been beautifully preserved, leaving lush jungle rainforests, deserted beaches and dozens of volcanoes, rivers and lakes. This reason alone is worth visiting.


2. Beaches and surfing

Although Costa Rica has dominated the surf tourism in Central America, Nicaragua offers up excellent conditions without the crowds. Just north of San Juan Del Sur, Playa Maderas is one of the most popular surfing beaches with serene white sandy beaches and consistent surf for beginners to pros.


3. Colors

Nicaragua is bursting with color, from their old colonial architecture, to the local fashion, art and the indigenous flora and fauna. One of my favorite days was spent wandering the streets of Grenada, the oldest colonial city of Nicaragua filled with beautiful Spanish architecture and bright colorful buildings.


4. Ceviche and coffee

It’s impossible to leave Nicaragua without becoming a ceviche-lover. Nicaraguan ceviche is made with local raw fish, onion, peppers, lime juice and cilantro. So fresh and delicious! And the coffee, some of the best I’ve had. Café Las Flores is Nicaragua’s top coffee producer and has been in the family for over three generations.


5. Off the beaten path adventures

The activities are endless for anyone looking for a fun adventure and include everything from hiking up and ash-boarding down volcanoes, zip-lining, kayaking, surfing and more!


A few of my favorite places:

Be adventurous! You never know what you might find.



For more of Carley’s photos be sure to check out her Instagram @carleyscamera and visit her website: www.carleyrudd.com.


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