SPPR Gives Thanks Series Featuring Sarah Dubbeldam

Before we sit down to the big feast tomorrow, we’re thrilled to introduce the fourth and final edition of our SPPR Gives Thanks Series with Sarah Dubbeldam, the owner and Editor in Chief of Darling Magazine.

Darling is one of our favorite sources of inspiration for photography, style and wisdom. Sarah embodies the #DarlingMovement with grace, inspiring women to create positive change and see the raw and natural beauty of being a modern woman.

We are thankful for all the truly exceptional women who have participated in our SPPR Gives Thanks Series. Happy Thanksgiving!



1. Name one item you use on a daily basis that you appreciate most. How does it contribute to your quality of life?

My journal. Recording my daily musings, questions, thoughts and prayers is what keeps me grounded. Also, when I look back upon the pages, it shows me where I’ve grown, and this makes me thankful for my journey and where I’ve been and who I’m becoming.

2. What local restaurant are you most grateful for?

Figaro in Los Feliz. I am obsessed with Paris, and it’s a French bistro that makes you feel like you are literally in France. Even the servers have French accents and it has a great happy hour = perfection.

3. Can you share a piece of advice that you are grateful to have received?

My friend Bob Goff says to always be humble, no matter what—no matter how big your “platform” gets—always be available for people and never aloof, and remember where you started. This is a constant test for my own heart—do I consider others as just as important and successful as me no matter what, and act accordingly in-person and on social media?


4. What is one thing you can’t live without on your Thanksgiving table?

Cranberry sauce, even the gross canned stuff, haha!

5. Who would you like to give thanks to this year?

My staff at Darling. Seriously, all of them are the kindest, most beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. They pour their heart and soul into this vision and it wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of them.




Follow Darling Magazine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Find Sarah on Instagram and Twitter.


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