Why We Feast

We love any excuse to travel to Portland, but our absolute fave time of year to visit our home away from home is during Feast Portland, the flagship food and drink festival of the Pacific Northwest. This year’s four-day celebration featured our amazing clients and local culinary staples Tillamook, Union Wine Company, QUIN and Salt & Straw. Feast your eyes on our highlights below and you’ll see why we look forward to this party every year:

Union Wine’s deliciously sweet ‘hood juice’ made with fresh strawberries, limes and Kings Ridge Riesling helped kick off the festivities at the Sandwich Invitational, where we sampled a variety of perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwiches made with Tillamook Cheese and Dave’s Killer Bread. For dessert, Salt & Straw’s open-faced ice cream sandwich took the classic PB&J up about 10,000 notches and won them the People’s Choice Award. Congrats Tyler!


(Photo Credit: Carley Rudd)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)



(Photo Credit: Carley Rudd)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: Carley Rudd)


(Photo Credit: Carley Rudd)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)

Another Feast favorite, the Night Market, took us to a new area of town called Zidell Yards along the Willamette River. The internationally themed open-air market featured bites from Pok Pok, Ox Restaurant, Nong’s Khao Man Gai, Animal, Uchi and more. Perhaps the most unexpected collaboration (and our personal favorite) was between Union Wine Co., QUIN, Salt & Straw, Jacobsen Salt and Aviation Gin. We can now say that we’ve tried (and loved!) Pinot Noir cotton candy, caramel corn finished with Riesling Jacobsen Salt and an Aviation Gin Baked Alaska with Pinot Noir Salt & Straw ice cream.


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: Julia Saltzman)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)


(Photo Credit: David L. Reamer)

Between QUIN’s candy making class and Tillamook’s Comfort Call delivering ice cream Tillabars on demand, we certainly had a sweet time from morning to night.

In typical Portland fashion, Sunday was dedicated to brunching. The Tillamook Brunch Village was the perfect send off, with a Whole Foods Bloody Mary bar, Tillamook sour cream and cheddar biscuits and Franklin Barbecue brisket tacos.





Now let the juice cleanse begin. Until next year Feast!


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