Tillamook Takes Us to the Farm

For Tillamook’s second annual Blog2Farm summit we invited 12 of our favorite bloggers from across the West to join us for a fun, educational, and of course delicious trip to the farmer-owned co-op’s home in the Pacific Northwest.  The trip was a dream come true for any Tillamook fan (including us!) so we hope you’ll enjoy our recap of last week’s behind-the-scenes Tillamook experience.

To kick off the fun, Tillamook welcomed the group with the Tillamook Ice Cream Truck – followed by an amazing spread of dishes made with Tillamook products at Imperial in Portland.

TillamookICTruck(Image courtesy of 52kitchenadventures)

The next day we traveled to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, the top tourism destination on the Oregon Coast, to learn how Tillamook cheese is made and tested for quality. Of course, there was plenty of sampling as well, including a taste of some new products that are set to launch next year. Shh, that’s a secret!

BeckyFactory(This was Becky’s first trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!)

(Tillamook Manager of Product Quality, Jill Allen,
demonstrating how she tests blocks of cheese)

(Dyan, Kelly and Becky having some fun with Yum 101)

After an informative day with Tillamook product experts, we wanted to give the group a taste of the lush farmland and idyllic Oregon Coast as well, which is as much a part of the brand as the products. From firsthand experience, we can tell you that nothing feels more Oregon than cracking open a wheel of Tillamook 105th Anniversary Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar along with a can of Union Wine Co.’s wine in a can and relaxing with your toes in the sand at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda.



(S’mores and Tillabars on the beach)

To conclude the experience, we brought bloggers to one of the farms where top-quality milk is sourced for Tillamook cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter and sour cream. Meeting the cows who provide for our favorite dairy treats as well as the farmers who take care of them strengthened our appreciation even more for the consideration Tillamook puts into ensuring they make the highest quality products every day.


(Wendy and Ryan with ‘the ladies’)

We are so blessed to get these opportunities to interact and share Tillamook’s story with the women whose blogs we admire so much. We made so many fun memories with these lovely ladies. Thank you so much for coming Stephanie, Lisa, Dorothy, Anita, Glory, Heather, Liren, Des, Jesseca, Rachael, Jane and Lizzy!


And a big thank you goes out to Tillamook’s Katie, Gillian, Amalya and Henry V Events for partnering with us to coordinate another unforgettable event!


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