5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Bliss Bratton

We’re thrilled to welcome Bliss Bratton as the newest Soda Pop PR summer intern. Following in the footsteps of her aunt, (our own Dyan Dolfi-Offutt!) Bliss is pursuing a career in public relations and will complete her AD/PR degree at the University of Arkansas in 2015. Take a peek at our interview with her below to learn more about her plans for summer in LA, passion for social media and love of Justin Bieber.

Please join us in wishing Bliss a very happy birthday today!

1. What is it about PR that intrigued you to pursue a degree in this field?

There are many different aspects of PR. I like that PR is flexible and constantly changing. The social media aspect is also something that intrigues me about this field because like many young women my age…I love social media! I wanted to pursue a degree in a field that was going to be growing and changing with the times. I think in the end I chose PR because it seemed like a fun major with endless possibilities.

2. What do you hope to learn from your internship at Soda Pop?

I hope to learn what it really feels like to be a part of a PR firm’s team. I want to gain a better understanding of what it actually takes to make it in this field. I am excited to see the process of taking a product promotion from inception to final kick off. The hands-on aspect will be invaluable to me in my future career pursuits. I also am very interested in seeing how social media plays a part in the industry.

3. What’s on your list of things to do in LA while you’re here?

I definitely want to go back to Venice beach. I haven’t been there in years, but I think now that I’m older I will have a greater appreciation for the art and creativity. I would love to make a stop at the Santa Monica Pier. Shopping is also on the top of my list! I am hoping to hit some of the smaller boutiques and hopefully an Urban Outfitters (there’s no such thing in Arkansas!). If I see Justin Bieber while I’m here I will die!!!!

4. Summer is for travel. Tell us about your best vacation ever.

The best vacation I ever had was my high school senior trip to Italy and Greece. A group of my high school friends and I took a 10-day journey to Europe where we ventured to Athens, Florence, Rome and many smaller cities. The best part of the trip was visiting Capri. I have never seen beauty like that in my life! The water is the brightest color of blue I have ever seen. It was the greatest experience visiting some of the most interesting places in the world with some of my best friends before we parted ways for college. Some of those friends I haven’t seen since that trip, so I hold the memories close to my heart.

5. When you’re not in school, you can be found ______.

You can find me in my bed. I am one of those people that can stay in bed all day every day. It’s not that I’m lazy, I would just rather get things done while in my bed as opposed to my desk or kitchen table. My mom always says that the first place she can find me when I get home from school is cuddled up in my bed with my stuffed bunny (yes, at 22 I still sleep with a stuffed animal).


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