Tillamook Farmers’ Market Pops Up in San Francisco

Last week the annual Tillamook Cheese Tour along with the recently launched Yogurt and Ice Cream Tours all converged for the first time in San Francisco to celebrate the farmer-owned co-op’s 105th anniversary with a three-day farmers’ market pop up in the Inner Sunset District. Naturally, the event was a dairy lover’s dream, featuring award-winning cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and new Farmstyle Greek Yogurt, as well as freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches made with Tillamook Butter and Cheese, all for free.

photo 1
photo 11
photo 12
photo 6

To kick-off the celebration, we teamed up with our friends Heidi and Nate of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and had some of our favorite San Francisco bloggers join us for a sneak peek of what Tillamook had in store.

photo 8

With the help of Henry V Events, The Tillamook Farmers’ Market collaborated with local coffee, wine, and beer artisans and used produce from local farms, pairing goods with Tillamook products to serve nearly 6,000 people over three days. Nightly special events included an affogato happy hour with local espresso poured over Tillamook Ice Cream, a Tillamook Cheese and local beer and wine pairing event and a Father’s Day make-your-own Tillamook Ice Cream sandwich night.

photo 7

What a treat to meet passionate fans of the brand as well as locals discovering Tillamook for the first time. I think you know which camp we’re in ; )

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