Soda Pop’s Spring Inspirations

Live inspired. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a mantra we love for 2014. Spring is traditionally a time of renewal and growth, so we wanted to share a few things that we’re drawing inspiration from as we gear up for a busy and exciting season.

SPPR Spring Inspiration

1. Moon Juice – It’s no secret that the SPPR ladies love pressed juice. This Silverlake juicery has become our local mainstay. Healthy body = Healthy mind.

2. Darling Magazine – The tagline says it all “The art of being a lady”. These magazines are amazing and the new Spring issue just hit shelves!

3. Art – Los Angeles is an art lover’s mecca. Museums, walls at coffee shops and flea markets are just a few places to spot some amazing work. This illustration is from a local LA-based design studio, Dear Hancock.

4. Ace Hotel Downtown LA – If you haven’t been to an Ace, make plans to stop by this spring. A brand new location opened up in downtown LA and we’re in love. Complete with a rooftop lounge, a Stumptown lobby espresso bar, and impeccable design (think old Hollywood meets modern minimalism); there’s really something for everyone.

5. Flowers! – What would spring be without flowers? Get outside, go for a walk off the beaten path and always stop to smell the flowers. This lovely arrangement is from a local floral design shop, Moon Canyon Flowers – definitely worth following on Instagram.

For more Soda Pop spring inspirations check out our Pinterest page!


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