Photography Tips & Tricks to Know Before Your Next Instagram Post

Smart phones have made photographers in all of us. To help you create compelling images that will get you more love on Instagram, we’re sharing some insider secrets from our resident photographer, Carley (@seathroughmyeyes).



Lighting is one of the most important elements in photography. Diffused natural light is ideal. You’ll get the best light one-hour after sunrise and one-hour before sunset. This is what photogs call the #magichour or #goldenhour. Avoid harsh yellow and fluorescent light at all costs.


Apps are great for applying different filters that can adjust the exposure, contrast, and levels of brightness. My favorites are Picfx and Afterlight.



Pay attention to the whole frame. While you’re focusing on your museum-worthy latte art, make sure there isn’t a barista #photobombing in the background. (Unless of course you want your photos to end up here.)  Also, having a good backdrop can make all the difference. Marble countertops are a food-photographers best friend. Don’t have any handy? Pull out your wooden cutting board. Or, my little secret… keep some white poster board close by. White is always a flattering background.

Another good tip is the age-old “rule of thirds” – i.e. never place your subject directly in the middle of the shot, but rather move it a third of the way over in the frame.


I like using Squaregram to frame images with a white border, or you can try SquareadyV to frame videos with a white border.


A ¾ angle down at the subject is one of the most flattering angles. Another favorite is the birds-eye-view angle, which shoots straight down from above (great for food shots). While those two angles are great, don’t be afraid to play around with different perspectives!



Waterlogue — A genius new app that transforms your photo into a watercolor painting. Download here.


All in all, it comes down to defining your aesthetic. Find out what you like and don’t like. At Soda Pop, we get inspiration from:

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Happy Photographing!


P.S. Also, check out a previous blog post on our 10 favorite photo-editing apps here.


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