5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Rebecca de Haro

Just a few weeks ago, Rebecca de Haro joined our team as the newest Soda Pop PR intern. We knew she’d be a great fit to the team when she shared her mutual passion for the foodie world. Plus, with over 5 years of event planning experience under her belt, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and creative energy to our team. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about her Texan roots, top LA picks and more in her interview below.


1. You may be new to the PR world but you’re not new to LA. After spending 6 years here, what are your go-to LA happy hour spots?

I must admit that I don’t make it out to happy hour as much as I’d like. Something about battling rush hour traffic kills my happy. But if I do make happy hour plans, my go-to affordable spot is Pink Taco. Free chips and salsa plus $5 margaritas will melt your commute blues away. For a splurge, I’ll take out of town guests to Cleo at the Redbury Hotel for the Lotus Flower cocktail and an order of Lebaneh with Feta.

2. Coming from Texas, you must have a true appreciation for Mexican cuisine. In your opinion, what is LA’s Mexican food scene missing that Texas has?

QUESO! I’m quite the cheese dip fanatic, so it was soul crushing to discover that Mexican food and queso aren’t synonymous here in Cali like they are in Texas. Nothing goes better with a frosty mug of beer or margarita than tortilla chips dipped in melted Velveeta cheese and Rotel. The best queso I’ve found in Los Angeles is at Josef Centeno’s Bar Ama.

3. When you’re not working, you can be found  ____________.

In the kitchen. I love finding and cooking up new recipes and make dinner for my husband most weeknights. My dream would be to have some sort of office cooking challenge. Best Tillamook mac and cheese creation anyone?

4. You recently made the jump from events marketing into PR. What are some new skills you hope to learn during your internship with Soda Pop PR? What is it about PR that intrigues you?

I’m hoping to learn anything and everything about building and maintaining a powerful brand. What I love about PR is that you have to get really creative. Anyone will talk about your company if you pay them, but it takes fresh ideas and compelling messaging to get people buzzing about you and connecting with your brand as a representation of their lifestyle.

5. You were lucky enough to attend last weekend’s L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade event. How would you sum it up in 140 characters or less?

Better than Disneyland! Face stuffing & mingling w/ super star chefs for a great cause. Bites range from finest gourmet to Pink’s hot dogs.


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