SPPR’s Summer Bucket List – 10 Things to Do Before Summer Kicks the Bucket

Summer has always felt like a time to make changes, go on adventures and be spontaneous. In an effort to make the most of the rest of summer we put together a list of things we’ve been thinking about doing, but haven’t checked off yet. We know, we’re a little late in releasing our summer bucket list, but better late than never!


(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Dyan’s BL:

1. Get a Six Pack*

Usually my bucket list would be food-focused – a day of pasta tasting at Scarpetta, Drago Centro, Sotto, or sampling fried foods at The O.C. Fair, – but for the first time in my life I’m making health and fitness a real priority. If I had a fitness arch-nemesis, it would be my abs. I’ve always loathed doing crunches, planks, etc. So…as a personal challenge, I’m going for a six-pack**.

*I do not expect abs like Ryan Reynolds for multiple reasons. But he’s fun to look at and appears to be doing something summery in this photo. **Reality check:  I’d be happy with a two-pack.

2. Visit Lake Tahoe

I’ve lived in California for 14 years and have never been. Shame on me.  My husband and I have been talking about planning a long weekend in Tahoe since May but haven’t committed. This blog post has served as inspiration. I’m going to Booking do it.

Kelly’s BL:

3. Try Crossroads – My friend has worked at this uber-popular vegan restaurant since it opened on Melrose and I have been dying to try it for months. Their menu is filled with gluten free options which are perfect for me. Gluten free flatbreads and crab cakes?! Yes, please.

4. Go to Catalina Island –  I have lived in Los Angeles for over two years and still haven’t been to Catalina. Erin has been many times and talks about how beautiful it is. She has given me great recommendations from what beaches to visit, restaurants to try, where to rent kayaks and even zip lining. I need to commit and get over there before summer ends.

Erin’s BL:

5. Date Night – Since my husband and I became parents 7 months ago, we have not had a date night, I mean a real date night where we don’t take Bella with us, order takeout or watch a movie on the couch. I am so looking forward to a night out with him sharing quality time over a glass of wine and some good food rather than hanging out during diaper changes and bottle feedings.  On my list of potential date night spots are Pedalers Fork, Bella Vista at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara and Osteria Monte Grappa in Ojai.

6. Running Routine– I have an on-again, off-again relationship with running and have been off for a while now, so I feel it’s time to rekindle the flame (not to mention the baby weight I still have to lose). I bought a jogging stroller to make a running routine easily fit into my busy day-to-day life, and now need to hold myself to it! My goal is 2-3 times a week. Wish me luck!

Carley’s BL:

7. Camping on the Beach – I am a sucker for the beach and when you put camping into the mix I’m that much more excited. Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA has been on my radar for a few weeks and offers camp sites just a stone’s throw from the water. Bring on the s’mores and ocean-view room!

8. Malibu Wine Tasting – Most people don’t associate Malibu with wines, but take a few steps back into the hills and you’ll find some great wineries. The best part is that it’s only an hour drive away! I’ve been thinking of this for a while and with my boyfriend’s mom coming into town, this could be the perfect excuse to go.

Mandi’s BL:

9. Go to a free Saturday night music concert at The Getty.  I’ve heard my friends talk about how beautiful The Getty is, and that it has a great view of the city.  I’d love to check it out – and if free music is an option, that makes it even better!

10. Go to San Diego for a weekend trip. I’ve been to California three times now, and I’ve still never been to San Diego!  I’d love to check out the Gaslamp District and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.


2 thoughts on “SPPR’s Summer Bucket List – 10 Things to Do Before Summer Kicks the Bucket

  1. Hi SPPR ladies! How are things going with these bucket list items? This sounds like a fun summer to me! @Carley, I have been to that park (my aunt lives in Dana Point) and its beautiful! @Dyan, I just read the Portland Monthly mag on Beer Month (a few weeks late, I know.) The editors assembled their favorite PDX beer six pack that you can buy at New Seasons. I was so close to sending you the info…and then I kept reading. Good for you!

    Enjoy the last days of your summer ladies! Miss you all, XOXO


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