5 Things I Learned at Blogshop LA

Luck was on my side two weeks ago when I received a last minute email telling me a spot opened up for Blogshop LA, a 2-day intensive Photoshop bootcamp. The course is lead by design maven Bri Emery of Designlovefest and LA-based photographer Angela Kohler. I was hoping the class would dust off my photo-editing skills and teach me a thing or two about visual design.

It did this, and more!

I met some fellow LA creatives, drank mimosas at 9am and took home an awesome goodie bag. A midst all the fun, I definitely learned a lot. Here are some of my new skills:

1. Color manipulation


(Photos courtesy of Chelsea Brewer)

2. How to create a GIF


3. Dropping images into shapes


4. Creating mood boards


(1) boxed notecard sets by think & ink studio (2) LA’s own handsome coffee roasters (3) scratch watermelons nail kit (4) canvas home gold and charcoal pebble dishes (5) bkrs water bottle

5. Free-hand writing on a digital drawing tablet (I like this one)

happy friday

Feeling inspired? Here’s a list of Blogshop’s upcoming host cities

~ Carley


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