How To: Survive a Commute

When you live in Los Angeles, going 5 miles down the street will take you an hour and in a city full of bumper-to-bumper traffic, hectic freeways and everyone running late, commuters are at the center of the chaos. Through my numerous hours in the car, I have learned some tips & and tricks to surviving a commute and how to make the best out of your quality car-time.

commute blog

Here are my top 5 mechanisms to help cope with life as a commuter.

  • Music, Music & More Music- Always have your favorite stations pre-set and your iPhone stocked with your favorite songs. Being prepared with unlimited music choices will avoid having to listen to annoying commercials or overplayed songs.
  • Exit Navigation- Know your surroundings and where coffee shops, easy on & off ramp gas stations, grocery stores and post offices are so you can run errands on your drive to and from work. Also, knowing side streets and how to get around a traffic jam will help you avoid unnecessary stoppage time.
  • Audio Books- For the longer commuters, download an audio book onto your iPod or smartphone and escape the drive with a thriller, romance novel or mystery. Once you’re hooked on a good read, you might even find yourself looking forward to the drive!
  • Phone Call Crunch Time- Capitalize on your quality car-time and check off some weekly to-do items such as making doctor’s appointments, bill pay and catching up with friends or out-of-state relatives. Make it a tradition to call those special people in your life during your weekly commute, because a good conversation always helps the time pass.
  • Radio Talk Show Drama– Fun, drama-filled and funny morning talk shows like local LA favorites, Ryan’s Roses and Valentine in the Morning, are comic relief and will help take your mind off the seemingly never ending road ahead.

Enjoy your quiet, ‘me time’ and enjoy the ride!



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