The Secret Sauce: SPPR’s Top 10 Favorite Photo Apps

Have you been wondering why your friend’s Instagram photos look better than yours? Or how they make an average photo look like it’s been edited by a professional? Recently we’ve had some friends and followers ask us what our go-to photo apps are so we put together this list of our top 10 favorites. Start downloading and find us mastering our skills here!

1. Over

Over is a great way to make even the most boring photo interesting by adding text in creative fonts.  With the updated version, users can upload to Pinterest and download their own fonts.

2. Shapely

With Shapely, users can plug their photos into different shapes and frames.  Perfect for scrapbooking and craft creations…or you know, just adding a moustache to a photo of your dog.

3. SymbolGram

Like Shapley, SymbolGram allows users to shape and frame their photos creatively.

4. Slow Shutter

Slow Shutter Cam does exactly what it says it will do: slow the camera shutter speed.  This effect gives photos the “blur” or “light trail” effect.  Definitely a must for the user who specializes in waterfalls and nighttime traffic.

5. PicFX

PicFX is a photo app that functions much like traditional Photoshop in the sense of “layering.”  Users can choose from over 100 different layers, textures, and frames.  Layers on layers on layers! (Literally.)

6. Diptic

Diptic is somewhat of a combination between a photo-editing app and a photo framing app.  Users can arrange photo collages, edit borders, and add filters to the photos themselves all using the same app.

7. KitCam

KitCam is a professional photography powerhouse.  Essentially a figurative camera bag full of figurative lenses, films and frames, this photo app is perfect for the wanna-be professional photographer (figuratively).

8. Afterlight

For the rest of us “just make it look cool” photographers, Afterlight is a great app for the dummy editor.  It’s simple to use and rather self-explanatory, and seems to always be updating with new features.

9. Pocketbooth

Pocketbooth is exactly what it sounds like: a pocket-sized photo booth.  It snaps photos every few seconds, and displays the classic 4-frame photo strip whenever and wherever.  Photos can be shared to social networking sites, or even printed out on the spot on an AirPrint-enabled printer.

10. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam features creative talent from around the world as a wealth of information to users.  The app also gives users unprecedented tools that revolutionize “camera phone” photos.  In other words, this app make photos look really professional.


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