Let’s #thinkndrinkLA

One of my goals for 2013 is to be more social. 2012 was a big year. New employees, new office and many frequent flyer miles. As a small business owner, you can easily fall into the trap of working in a bubble. Not coming up for air or consulting with other fabulously talented colleagues, creatives and professionals. Enter #thinkndrinkLA.

What is #thinkndrinkLA? Started in Portland, OR by the wickedly smart Jala Smith-Huys, Owner of Embark Creative, #thinkndrink is a casual, organic, nomadic Friday happy hour for creatives looking to hang out and build relationships with other creatives.

A few things to know about #thinkndrinkLA:

  • it will happen every Friday in Los Angeles
  • location changes weekly and is shared only through Twitter – follow #thinkndrinkLA
  • you can join us weekly, monthly, yearly. #thinkndrink Portland has anywhere from 2 to 60 people who stop by on a weekly basis
  • there is no website or email address
  • anyone is welcome, although most #thinkndrinkers tend to frequent the creative/PR/freelance/digital/marketing scene
  • we don’t wear nametags
  • you don’t have to be a drinker (but we may heckle you)
  • networking does occur (and many people have picked up work or acquired new jobs through folks they met at #thinkndrink Portland) but we never call it a networking event
  • it started in Portland by @EmbarkCreative

Here’s to thinking and drinking! Hope to see you one of these Fridays.




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