Happy 4th of July from SPPR!

To gear up for the holiday weekend, we want to share some of our favorite summer snapshots. These photos are inspiring us to kick back, relax and take time to enjoy long, sunny days. Wherever your travels may take you, we’re raising a popsicle and wishing you a safe and tasty 4th of July weekend!


(Housemade Popsicle from L & E Oyster)


(Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur)


(Venice Beach)


(El Matador State Beach, Malibu)


(Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles)


(Point Dume, Malibu)


(Image credit @UnionWineCompany)

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Tillamook Farmers’ Market Pops Up in San Francisco

Last week the annual Tillamook Cheese Tour along with the recently launched Yogurt and Ice Cream Tours all converged for the first time in San Francisco to celebrate the farmer-owned co-op’s 105th anniversary with a three-day farmers’ market pop up in the Inner Sunset District. Naturally, the event was a dairy lover’s dream, featuring award-winning cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and new Farmstyle Greek Yogurt, as well as freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches made with Tillamook Butter and Cheese, all for free.

photo 1
photo 11
photo 12
photo 6

To kick-off the celebration, we teamed up with our friends Heidi and Nate of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and had some of our favorite San Francisco bloggers join us for a sneak peek of what Tillamook had in store.

photo 8

With the help of Henry V Events, The Tillamook Farmers’ Market collaborated with local coffee, wine, and beer artisans and used produce from local farms, pairing goods with Tillamook products to serve nearly 6,000 people over three days. Nightly special events included an affogato happy hour with local espresso poured over Tillamook Ice Cream, a Tillamook Cheese and local beer and wine pairing event and a Father’s Day make-your-own Tillamook Ice Cream sandwich night.

photo 7

What a treat to meet passionate fans of the brand as well as locals discovering Tillamook for the first time. I think you know which camp we’re in ; )

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Wine in a Can Officially Launches in NYC!

Last week we joined Union Wine Company in New York City for the official retail launch of their highly anticipated Pinot in a Can. The cans have been featured by everyone from Fast Company, to Cool Hunting, to The Today Show, Forbes, Oprah Magazine and more. Now, you can finally get your hands on them by ordering online at www.unionwinecompany.com or visiting select retail stores.

Media and friends celebrated the launch with us on June 4th at the new Will Leather Goods store in Nolita. DJ Danga provided the music and hotdogs were served by Brooklyn’s Bark Hot Dogs (they were delicious!). Gift bags featured some of Oregon’s best including Jacobsen Salt, Quin Candy and 1859 Magazine. Take a look at the event photos below, courtesy of Kimberly Mufferi.

Cheers to #pinkiesdown!






Salt & Straw Ice Cream is Coming to LA

2014Logo-WhiteBackgroundCombining our passions for Oregon and ice cream, Soda Pop PR was honored to work with Portland’s Salt & Straw on the recent announcement of their first Los Angeles scoop shop, set to open in Larchmont Village this August.

Known for inventive, gourmet ice cream flavors and a commitment to highlighting local ingredients, owner Kim Malek and head ice cream maker Tyler Malek have already begun partnering with farmers, producers, chefs, distillers, brewers and butchers from Southern California to the Central Coast to create a fresh menu of ice creams that celebrate the region.

We can’t wait to try collaborative flavors like Santa Ynez Valley Walnut Oil, Stumptown Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts, Tomato Water & Ojai Olive Oil Sherbet and Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese.

Also, a customized Salt & Straw Ice Cream truck will be popping up around town this summer to scoop Salt & Straw favorites like Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, Freckled Woodblock Chocolate, Chocolate with Gooey Brownie and Double Fold Vanilla.


joans-on-third-24_Credit Leela Cyd Ross

(Photo Credit: Leela Cyd)

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5 Questions with SPPR Featuring Embark Creative’s Jala Smith-Huys

Our dear friend Jala Smith-Huys is passionate about social media and building brands through meaningful online relationships. In 2011, she launched Embark Creative in Portland to provide social media strategy and consulting for companies seeking solutions for effective engagement with their audience online. She is not currently taking on any freelance work because she is now the full-time Social Strategist for one of our favorite Oregon leather companies, Will Leather Goods. We asked Jala how she keeps up with all things social and think you’ll enjoy her insight below.


1. In 140 characters or less, what is a typical day in the life of a social media strategist like?

Look. Listen. Analyze. Create. Post. Plan. Repeat. Wine.

2. If there was one social media channel you had to invest in, what would it be and why?

Ah! Impossible answer. In my ‘past lives’ it’s been all about Facebook and Twitter. For the current brand I’m working with, Instagram and Pinterest are our hardest hitters. For my husband’s company, LinkedIn is their bread and butter. With that said, I’d invest in the channel where my audience lives and one that’s able to help me reach my goals. There isn’t a one shoe fits all solution.

3. Social media is constantly changing. How do you stay up to date with all of it?

I read a lot and stay as connected as I can to smart people. I think it’s nearly impossible to know how the industry, the tools, etiquette, rules, etc. change. It’s too much. But there’s valuable information swirling around Twitter minute by minute. Following the right resources, and taking some time each day to read what’s trending can definitely give high level awareness around what’s happening.

4. What’s your advice when it comes to #hashtags?

Hashtags work differently across each platform. They play better in Twitter, for instance, than they do in Facebook. So ensure the channel you’re using is hashtag-friendly. Then do some research on your hashtag to see if it’s been used yet, and if it has, how? You may change your mind on whether you want to use it based on those findings. There are tools you can use to give you some baseline analytics on hashtags. One of my favorite free tools is Tweetreach. For free it won’t give you a lot of history, but it will give you a sense for how the hashtag is being used and what impressions it’s generating. For instance, if you’re running a Mother’s Day promotion on Twitter and deciding which hashtags would bring you the most play, run #mothersday and #mothersdaygift through Tweetreach to see which tag is most popular. You could use both hashtags but it will just clutter your Tweet and use up characters. Hashtags can be fluff, but they don’t need to be. They can help build brand awareness and get your social media posts in front of the right people.

5. Everyone wants more likes. Some brands and individuals are even buying followers. How does this blur the lines of finding true influencers to promote your product or service?

There are a lot of things happening in social media that “everyone is doing” — whether that be buying followers or engaging on every social network possible. Again, the tactics you use in social media should all ladder back to the goals of your company. You should constantly ask yourself if the money and time you’re spending is going to get you to where you want to go. Most likely, buying followers is not the answer to any company’s goals. It simply boosts your follower/fan counts, but those numbers mean nothing if the people following you aren’t interested in your brand. Finding relevant influencers is key. You can do it two different ways — 1) invest in a program that helps you identify these people and build programs around engaging them, or 2) identify them on your own. Once you find them, make a connection, show appreciation, build a relationship and convert them from influencers to advocates. Bingo!

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The Tillamook Ice Cream Tour Comes to LA

As a kid there was no better feeling than the moment you caught sight of the ice cream truck rolling down your street on a warm summer day. Yesterday we had the opportunity to experience that same childhood joy at simplething’s new location in Westwood where the brand new Tillamook Ice Cream Truck popped up for the day. From 11am-3pm the Tillamook team handed out more than 700 free samples including Oregon Strawberry, Old Fashioned Vanilla and new White Chocolate Raspberry Yum. If you haven’t had a chance to try Tillamook Ice Cream, the Tour will be in the Los Angeles area over the next few days and we highly recommend a visit. Click here for locations.

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10 Highlights from the Design Love Fest Social Media Workshop

A few weeks ago, I attended a social media workshop hosted by the lovely Bri Emery of designlovefest at her impeccably designed The Unique Space studio. During the two-hour workshop, Bri shared valuable tricks she’s learned along the way to help grow your following and promote your business in an organic way on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The workshop was geared towards small business owners, freelancers and bloggers but most of her tips can apply to clients as well as personal social media channels. Below are a few highlights that I hope you find helpful.


Overall Tips & Tricks

  1. Bri attributes her natural tendency for being a “Shareoholic” to her success. People like to know that brands/people are human. Get personal. Show behind the scene content. People love the process.
  2. Create a brand that people know from your pictures and content.
  3. Go out and live your life. The best content comes from travel, restaurants, farmers markets, parties, walking around L.A., etc.
  4. Keep your copy as short as possible and use bitly to create shortened links.
  5. Balance promoting your brand vs. supporting others.
  6. Tailor your content based on what your followers respond to.
  7. You have to love social media for the best results.
  8. Ask yourself “How can you involve your audience?”
  9. Stay interesting and know what’s going on in your industry.
  10. Post quality photos! A few tips:
  • Snap, snap, snap until the composition is right
  • Lighting is key
  • Shoot multiple angles


(All images by designlovefest)

These highlights only scratch the surface of what you can learn from this workshop. For anyone interested in learning more, you’re in luck! Bri recently announced two more social media workshops have been added to the schedule for Saturday, May 10. Get more info here.